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Solar and Battery Install | Alexander Heights

We recently installed a Solar and Battery system in Alexander Heights for our customer, John. The 8.6kW of QCells panels are connected to a 5kW Huawei Hybrid inverter* and 10kWh Huawei LUNA battery*

*Huawei inverters & batteries are now sold under the Australian ‘iStore’ brand. Read our in-depth iStore review here.

Huawei Power Optimisers were also installed to allow the solar panels to be split North, East & West, while also minimising losses from partial shade cast by a nearby palm tree.

This solar installation in Alexander Heights will produce an average of 34 units per day and provide the home with solar power during the day, and battery power at night. Should John need to expand his battery, an extra 5kWh iStore Battery module can be added to the existing stack, or even a 2nd iStore Battery stack for up to 30kWh total.


Solar and Battery Install - ALEXANDER HEIGHTS

Size of Solar System8.6kW
Size of Battery10kWh
Battery BackupNo
Energy Output Per Year12,400 (kWh)
Estimated Savings Per Year$2,000 – $3,800
Price Range$19,000 – $24,000
6 Month savings update

Today we checked in on John to see how his solar and battery has been performing. In just 6 months, this system delivered $1,350 in savings. 

As you can see below, even with recent cloudy weather, John is still achieving almost 100% self-sufficiency thanks to his ‘Supersized’ 8.6kW solar & battery system.



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Solar and Battery Upgrade | Port Kennedy

We recently upgraded & expanded a system for our customer in Port Kennedy with 4.5kW of extra solar panels, new Fronius Hybrid inverter and 11kWh BYD Battery.


Solar and Battery Upgrade | Secret Harbour

We recently expanded & upgraded an existing system in Secret Harbour with an extra 9kW of solar panels + new 10kW Sungrow Hybrid inverter + 12.8kWh Sungrow Battery.

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