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Solar and Battery Install | Bayswater


Solar and Battery Install BAYSWATER

Size of Solar System6.6kW
Size of Battery9.6kWh
Battery BackupYes
Energy Output Per Year10,100 (kWh)
Estimated Savings Per Year$1,800 – $3,100
Price Range$16,800 – $19,600

We recently installed a Solar and Battery system in Bayswater for our customer, Greg. The 6.6kW of Jinko panels are connected to a 5kW Sungrow Hybrid inverter with a 9.6kWh Sungrow battery which can be expanded up to 19.2kWh if needed.

With a future renovation planned at the back of the house, all the panels needed to fit on the NE & NW roof spaces. On this particular roof, we were able to maximise the number of panels that could fit by installing the panels in landscape.

This solar installation in Bayswater will produce an average of 28 units per day and provide Greg with solar power during the day, and battery power at night. In the event of a blackout, the system will switch to Backup Mode within milliseconds to provide emergency backup power to essential circuits.

12 Month savings update

Today we checked in on Greg’s system to see how his solar and battery has been performing. Over the last 12 months, this system in Bayswater has delivered $2,295 in savings! Greg also managed to keep the lights on and the fridge cold during a couple of power outages this Summer.


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