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Solar and Battery Install | Leederville


Edwin, in Leederville, needed assistance with a warranty claim. His existing 4.8kW system had failed due to moisture ingress in the old 220W Trina solar panels. The original solar company was no longer in business, so he called Positive Energy and we were happy to help.

Fortunately, Trina agreed to supply 22 x 270W Trina panels as replacements under warranty. We installed these for Edwin along with a new 5kW Fronius Symo inverter.

However, Edwin had come to realise the existing system size was not large enough to meet his energy needs. So along with helping Edwin replace his faulty system, we also installed an additional 10kW Fronius GEN24+ hybrid inverter + 11.2kW of QCELLS solar panels + 22kWh BYD Battery with backup for power outages.

In total, this 17.1kW solar system will produce an average of 68 units per day and provide Edwin with almost complete energy independence.


Solar and Battery Install LEEDERVILLE

Size of Solar System17.1kW
Size of Battery22kWh
Battery BackupYes
Energy Output Per Year25,000 units (kWhs)
Estimated Savings Per Year$3,800 – $7,600
Price Range$40,000 – $50,000

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