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Why Sonnen Are The Best Home Batteries?

Home battery storage solutions have become increasingly important in today’s world. With one in three of our customers opting to install a battery when they purchase a solar system.

Sonnen is a global leader in home battery storage. They provide premium-quality components and industry-leading warranty periods.

This article examines why Sonnen are the best home batteries, exploring top features such as safety and performance. It will also compare Sonnen to other popular battery brands, such as Tesla and other leading competitors.

Finally, it will review current promotions and customer reviews of the product to provide answer why they are the best choice.

Key Takeaways

Sonnen is a global market leader in smart solar battery storage. With German-designed and engineered solar batteries and local technical support and customer service.

Sonnen batteries offer energy independence and can achieve up to 80% of households energy requirements.

Sonnen focus on lithium iron phosphate battery technology. This makes their storage systems safer, longer lasting, and environmentally friendlier than competitors.

Sonnen batteries are affordable, efficient, and optimise for longevity. making them a reliable and clean source of energy for reducing households reliance on grid electricity.

Who are Sonnen?

Founded in 2010, Sonnen has established itself as a global leader in energy storage solutions. They offer products to meet market needs, backed by strong partners with strong values. Sonnen are renowned for premium quality engineering and market leading warranties.

Sonnen’s vision is creating a future of clean, decentralised energy supply.

Their product features include; built-in smart management system; high levels of safety and longevity; 10 year & 10,000 cycles warranty; guaranteed end-of-warranty capacity of 80%; premium quality components such as Lithium Iron Phosphate cell chemistry.

Additionally, Sonnen has received recognition for their excellence including the Marketwatch Best Solar Batteries award for 2023.

Why Sonnen is the best home battery

By offering advanced features, superior performance, and comprehensive warranties, Sonnen has become the leader in the home battery market. They stand out from their competitors for many reasons:

* Reliability: Sonnen batteries protect consumers from rising electricity prices and provide energy independence. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cell technology is safer than other battery technologies.

* Longevity: A long lifespan of 15-20 years that can be charged and discharged over 10,000 times while still retaining 80% of their output capacity. Also they come with a built-in smart management system to help optimize it for longevity as well as an industry leading 10 year & 10,000 cycle warranty.

* Affordability: Sonnen batteries are more affordable and cost-effective than similar products on the market. They are environmentally friendly and do not contain toxic heavy metals like cobalt or nickel.

Top features of Sonnen

Their lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology offers customers the highest efficiency.

The batteries are also designed to integrate seamlessly with solar. Customers can easily draw power from the sun and store it for later use.

Additionally, their system helps optimise for longevity while providing clean and reliable energy.

Sonnen’s batteries have received many positive reviews due to their safety standards and high quality components.

Furthermore, they come equipped with a market-leading 10 year warranty and 10,000 charge cycles guarantee.

This makes them an ideal choice for your home energy storage needs, allowing energy independence while protecting homeowners from rising electricity prices.


The use of LiFePO4 technology is safer than other battery technologies, as it does not catch fire when pierced or penetrated. Moreover, this particular type of lithium-ion is environmentally friendly since it does not contain any toxic heavy metals like cobalt or nickel.

Furthermore, the battery cells in Sonnen products can be charged and discharged over 10,000 times. While still retaining 80% of their output capacity up to 20 years in service life.

Customers have access to local technical support and customer service.

This commitment to high quality is why Sonnen batteries have been awarded many awards. Such as the top photovoltaic storage brand in Australia. German Sustainability Award Design 2021, and Export Award for Research and Development Investment.

With such outstanding features backed by strong customer service support it is no wonder why so many customers choose Sonnen.

Sonnen Batterie EVO

The sonnenBatterie Evo is an AC coupled solar battery system designed for both indoor and outdoor installations. It has the following features backed by a market-leading warranty with a guaranteed end-of-warranty capacity of 80% :

1. Useable capacity of 10kWh with a warranty of 10 years

2. An IP56 outdoor rating, meaning it can withstand harsh weather conditions outside.

3. A built-in smart management system to help optimize it for longevity and safety.

4. 5kW continuous and 7kW surge backup power capacity in case of grid outages.

5. Lithium Iron Phosphate cell chemistry

Sonnen Vs Tesla

Comparing two of the leading solar energy storage systems, Sonnen and Tesla Powerwall 2. Both battery systems have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the homeowner’s needs.

Here are four key points to consider when comparing Sonnen vs Tesla:

* Pricing comparison. Sonnen is cheaper than Tesla Powerwall 2 but both batteries have similar performance.

* Technology differences. Sonnen uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) while Tesla still uses Cobalt in their batteries.

* Stackable capacity: Tesla Powerwall 2 can stack for increased storage capacity.

* Warranty coverage: Sonnen has a 10-year warranty and 10,000 charge cycles at 80% compared to 70% retention capacity with the Tesla Powerwall 2.

Both batteries have their own strengths that depend on individual consumer needs. Also both batteries would be great in case of a grid outage.

Sonnen Vs other Solar Batteries

The Sonnen and Tesla batteries are two of the most popular home energy storage solutions on the market. But how does Sonnen compare to other batteries?

It is important to look at factors such as safety, cost, efficiency, lifecycle and environmental impact.

LFP cells are non-flammable and much safer than Lithium Nickel-Manganese-cobalt (NMC).

They also have a longer lifespan of 15-20 years and guarantee 80% outrput.

Additionally, LFP cells do not contain toxic heavy metals and are environmentally friendlier.

With a 10,000 charge cycle guarantee they are much more cost effective than their counterparts on the market.

Ultimately, these features show why Sonnen has become the preferred choice for home energy storage across Australia and around the world.

Current promotions

Currently, a promotional offer of $1,000 cashback is available when purchasing the Sonnen Evo. This limited-time offer is only valid for up to 14 days from registering interest in the promotion and requires proof of purchase within 60 days.

This promotion will end June 30th 2023.

Interested customers can apply for cashback by providing contact details on Sonnen’s website. Upon successful validation of claim, an EFTPOS card will be issued within 20 business days as reimbursement for the purchase cost.




In conclusion, Sonnen batteries offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting from rising electricity prices. They help reduce reliance on grid electricity, and potentially achieve complete energy independence.

Through their commitment to sustainability and innovation, Sonnen has become a global leader.

Top features of the Sonnen battery include premium components. Industry leading warranties and safety features that meet the highest standards.

Sonnen batteries are the ideal choice for customers looking for a dependable home battery solution!

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