2021 Synergy Price Increase – How Much Extra Will You Pay?


For Western Australian resident’s electricity prices are about to increase.  In March 2020 WA Premier Mark McGowan announced all household fees and charges — including electricity, water and vehicle registration — will be frozen as part of a major economic relief package to tackle the COVID-19 emergency.

However, the time has come for electricity prices to increase once again. The majority of WA residents are on the Synergy A1 Tariff. Below are the increases to this tariff:


A full list of pricing changes on all Synergy Tariffs can be found here. Synergy Tariff Price Changes

What does this mean for you?

How much deeper you will have to reach into your pocket depends on how much electricity your home uses. Below are some examples:

Sick of Electricity Price Increases? What Can You Do?

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