Should I Install A Solar System?

There are many reasons why you should install a solar system on your home or business ! 

Protecting yourself from rising energy prices 

With a solar system installed on your roof, you will continue to generate years of free electricity from the sun. This means that your electricity bills will be substantially reduce or even eliminated, giving you the peace of mind that you’re protected from the constant rising electricity prices. 


Government Rebates & Incentives 

The Federal Government’s STC rebate Scheme provides thousands of dollars towards the cost of purchasing and installing your solar system. In addition, there is state based Feed-In Tariff Schemes which pay you for any excess electricity you generate and feed back into the electricity grid. 


Great return on your investment 

There aren’t many financial investments that have a better return than solar power. You’ll be saving on your electricity bill as soon as your system is installed. This generally translates into a return on your initial investment of 15 -30% per year! With your solar energy system potentially paying for itself in around 3-6 years, depending on your usage and the system size installed. 


Increasing the value of your home

With Solar now becoming a standard on most homes, it is no surprise that people are looking to see if solar is installed when purchasing a new home. Homes with solar have been proven to sell at a premium to ones without. With rising electricity prices, buyers will increasingly focus on solar when considering which home to purchase. 


Doing your bit for the environment 

Electricity generated and consumed from your own solar system means that you’ll draw a lot less electricity from the grid. This means less coal or gas is burnt at power stations reducing the use of the biggest source of carbon pollution worldwide. Installing a solar system is the single most important step you can take towards reducing your carbon footprint. 

If you’re interested in solar for your home or business, give one of Positive Energy Solutions expert Solar & Battery Consultant’s a call and we will guide you through the process in a no obligation in home consultation or by phone or email if you prefer. 


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