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The faces behind your new renewable energy solution.

Louis Stone

Louis has been designing residential and commercial PV solar systems since 2010. Helping his customers install over 11 Megawatt (11,000kW) of PV solar and battery storage. He is known for his no-pressure approach to sales and praised for not using forceful and unwanted sales tactics.

Louis is a Director and involved in making key decisions, while also operating in a sales role. He is a great ambassador for the solar industry and is widely respected within it. He promotes top quality products, best practice system design and puts customers' needs first.

At home, Louis has 8.5kW of SunPower panels, a Sungrow 10kw Hybrid inverter and 9.6kWh of Sungrow batteries. He is hoping to scale up his battery to 25.6 kWh or even 102.4 kWh, which is possible!

You can reach Louis on 0402200669 or louis@positiveenergy.com.au

Khanitha Phasee-in

Kat joined the solar industry in 2011, working in Administration, Operations, and Support. In recent years, her focus has been providing after-sales support to ensure our installs are operating correctly.

Working on this side of the industry has made her selective about brands and products. When working on solar system issues, it becomes very clear why we avoid cheap products and only use manufacturers with a strong history.

At her property Kat has 3kW of Conergy PowerPlus panels and a MacSolar inverter. The system is over 10 years old and will be upgraded soon.

Kat hopes to see renewable energy become the norm and wants to see Positive Energy continue to be an industry leader.

Daniel Overd

Danny has been a part of the solar industry since 2013, focusing on the residential market. In 2017, Danny shifted his focus to selling and installing high end equipment and batteries as opposed to volume sales. He always has the customer's best interest in mind and ensures that the products offered are of the highest quality and longevity.

At Positive Energy, Danny is the Residential Sales and Operations Manager. He ensures the products offered are the best option for customers. He oversees every job to ensure they're installed and run at optimal standards and also provides support for any installation difficulties.

At his own property Danny has 10kW of SunPower P-Series panels teamed up with a Fronius Gen24, 13.8kWh of BYD batteries and the Fronius Wattpilot EV Charger. You can check out its performance here!

You can reach Danny on
0422545043 or

Michael Dichiera

Michael has been in renewable energy markets for over 12 years. He specialises in commercial solar and battery systems. He is an expert in electrical supply to apartment buildings, strata, retail and commercial complexes. He prides himself on his excellent customer service skills. His aim is to provide technology-driven solutions to save his customer's money on electricity costs.

You can reach Mike on 0427747083 or mike@positiveenergy.com.au

Dale Adams

Dale has an electrical background managing large service departments for industrial battery equipment. He visited the Intersolar convention in Munich in 2015 and has been an advocate ever since.

Dale specialises in residential and commercial Solar & Battery systems. He has an educational approach rather than 'pushy' sales tactics.

At home, Dale has 6.24kW of QCELLS G9 solar panels connected to an all-in-one QHOME inverter and 12.6kw of QSAVE batteries. To learn more about this install click here!

You can reach Dale on 0409675921 or dale@positiveenergy.com.au

Mark Stevens
Mark's experience in home sustainability begun in 2009 as a Home Energy Assessor, auditing the energy efficiency of homes and providing tailored improvement recommendations.
In 2010, Mark transitioned to the solar industry and has since conducted thousands of in-home consultations. His approach: Honest, Informative, No-pressure. His advice: Do it once, do it right.

At Positive Energy, Mark has a varied role contributing to sales, marketing, website content and graphic design.

You can reach Mark on 0420425932 or mark@positiveenergy.com.au

Rory O'Brien

Rory has been in electric and gas industries since 2011. He specialises in matching customers with the perfect cost-saving strategies for their homes. He is also the friendliest bloke you’d ever get into a chat with.

Rory will steer you right to make sure you have the best products and quality for your budget and roof design. Rory has just bought his own property and is looking at SunPower and Fronius options.

You can reach Rory on 0457273091 or rory@positiveenergy.com.au

Ben Skender

Ben has over 15 years’ experience in ICT Management and Administration. He managed technicians in power and battery redundancy for essential oil and gas facilities. This led to an interest in renewable energy. His move to Positive Energy means he can now use his skills to contribute to a greener future.

Ben is now onboard as Positive Energy’s ICT Manager AKA ‘the resident geek’! With Ben's innovation, he ensures our technology is in check and continually improved so we are best able to serve our customers.

At home, Ben has 9kW of SunPower Performance panels + Sungrow 5Kw Hybrid inverter + 19.2kWh of Sungrow batteries.

Bree Adams

Bree has 13 years' experience in HR & Payroll. She joined the Positive Energy team at the start of 2021 as the Payroll & HR Manager. Bree managed payroll for over 1200 staff in the busy not-for-profit in-home care industry. Compared to that she finds her role at Positive Energy a breeze. Leaving her plenty of time to spend with new baby Harvey!

At home, Bree has a 6.24kW of QCELLS G9 solar panels connected to an all-in-one QHOME inverter and 12.6kw of QSAVE batteries.

Chelsea iggleden

Chelsea has a background in recruitment and administration and a degree in HR Management. She joined the team in 2021 to help develop processes and assist in all areas of recruitment. She has helped the team grow and to operate as efficiently as possible.

At home Chelsea has 10kW of SunPower P-Series panels teamed up with the Fronius Gen24+ and 13.8kWh of BYD batteries.


Luke Scales

Luke Scales is a founding member of Positive Energy. With a Bachelor of Business Luke has spent many acclaimed years in the HR and IR industry as an Industrial Officer. From there Luke went on to own and run a successful landscaping business. Luke brings over 15 years of business management and operational experience to the Positive Energy team.

At home Luke has 6.6kW of Canadian Solar panels + Fronius 5kw inverter.

Maximilian Davidson

Max has hands-on experience in solar and battery installation in Perth. He has been installing solar for over 5 years. He focuses on large coastal projects and off-grid solutions.

Max has recently made the transition into part-time sales and uses his experience to advise on the installation process for your home.

You can reach Max on 0424485534 or max@positiveenergy.com.au


Noraine Santos

Noraine joined the solar industry in 2018 as a support administrator for a large solar company. It was her first experience with solar and she gained 4 years in doing commercial sales and electricity pricing. In her next role, she gained two more years of experience in commercial sales and accounts administration.

She joined the Positive Energy team full-time in 2024 working in both admin and graphics. She handles administrative tasks, creates designs and updates the website. At Positive Energy, her role is continuously expanding to maximise her full potential and unlock her creative side.

As for Noraine, working hard towards a goal became easy all because of her two wonderful children, Kier and Quissy. Her children motivate her keep to moving forward and aim to be the best version of herself.

Noreen Joei

Noreen JoIE

Noreen joined the solar industry in 2021, swiftly establishing herself as a key player in service, operations and support. With a keen eye for detail and dedication to customer satisfaction, Noreen has successfully managed service support for over 5,000 customers.

At Positive Energy, Noreen continues at the top of her game as the team's operations support Administrator. She ensures the smooth execution of installations overseeing pre and post installation procedures and application processes.

Noreen aims to learn more and achieve excellence in her role furthering herself as one of Positive Energy’s core team members.


Neil Morris

Neil has been a part of the solar industry since 2009, bringing extensive experience in residential sales, key account management with groups like ABN and Satterley, and managing medium to large commercial projects.

Known for his no-fuss, honest approach, Neil is committed to quality and transparency. He focuses on simple, straightforward communication and evidence-based advice to ensure you receive the best performing and most reliable solution possible.

When not immersed in the world of solar and battery technology, Neil enjoys cheering on his children at their local sports games, hitting the beach with his surfboard, or hiking along one of WA's many beautiful bush trails.

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