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What are solar inverters and how do they work?

Solar inverters are the brains of the system that convert direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) and manage the solar system including charging a battery.

Solar panels produce DC, yet homes and business use AC therefore the inverter forms a critical part of the solar system. Also when installing a DC coupled battery the inverter manages the entire system.

Inverters have evolved a lot over the years from simple grid tie units. There are now different solutions to enable solar installations on small or shaded roofs, using micro-inverters or optimisers. 

Hybrid inverters which manage both the solar panels and batteries. Also the latest generation of solar inverters like the Fronius Gen24 even incorporate EV chargers into their management system.

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Hybrid Inverters

Non-Hybrid Inverters

MLPE Inverters

Hybrid inverters manage both the solar power conversion and charging a battery. Although a battery is not needed for a hybrid inverter to work. They also manage the back up function in a power outage.

Fronius, Sungrow and Huawei are the most popular manufacturers that Positive Energy offer to their customers. All three options are know for their reliability and support. All three options also have a suitable battery to connect with the system.

Hybrid inverters are the best solution for anyone wanting to install a solar battery now or in the future. With the current market trends most customers install a hybrid inverter. Also one in three of our customers installed a battery in 2022.

Non-Hybrid inverters are the traditional inverters most people are familiar with, used in both homes and business. They don’t have the ability to charge a battery, making them a good option for those customer who don’t need or have the space for a battery.

Fronius, SMA, and Sungrow are the most popular manufacturers that Positive Energy offers to their customers. Known for their reliability and good after-sales and support in the Australian market. They have a long history and are highly trusted by our customers.

These inverters are cost effective and an AC coupled battery installation can happen at a later date if needed. Non-Hybrid inverters are great for customers who are able to maximise their day time consumption.

An MLPE (Module-level Power Electronics) inverter works by installing a device on each solar panel. This maximises the production of each solar panel which is especially important on small or shaded roofs. Also it allows for greater system monitoring and has safety benefits. The two main competitors are Enphase and SolarEdge.

Enphase uses microinverters installed on each panel. Whereas SolarEdge uses power optimisers and a central inverter. Enphase can continue generating power even if one panel or microinverter goes down.

SolarEdge is also a hybrid inverter and they have their own battery and EV charging solutions.

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Best Solar Inverters Perth

Solar inverters are the most important part of the system. We only recommend quality inverters and will not gamble on low end products. A mid range solar system with a good inverter will cost around $1 a watt. EG a mid range 6.6kW will cost around $6,500. Anything below this it is likely you are being sold low quality products.

Positive Energy recommend the following inverters. Fronius, SMA, Sungrow, Enphase, SolarEdge and Huawei.



Learn more about our Solar Inverters.

Solar inverters are the brains of the system that convert direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) and manage the solar system including charging a battery.

There are several different types of solar inverters available, including hybrid and non-hybrid inverters and MLPE solutions.
To choose the correct inverter you will need to consider the following. Your energy usage and storage needs, whether you have any shading and how much roof space is available.
The main difference between a string inverter and a microinverter is that a string inverter is used to connect multiple solar panels together, while a microinverter is installed on each individual panel.
You can monitor the production of your solar system online or using an app. If you add a smart meter you can monitor your consumption as well. Using Enphase or SolarEdge you can monitor the production of each panel.
There is minimal maintenance required for solar inverters, if you think there is an issue most inverters can be accessed remotely.
The warranty on a solar inverter can vary depending on the manufacturer, however most warranties are 10 years.

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