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Here you will find information on how to restart your inverter and re connect to the internet as well as our warranty information.
If you need additional help we are here to support all of our existing customers.

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Solar Inverter Restart Procedures

Have you tried turning it off and on? Follow the instructions below and give it a go. Restarting the inverter can solve multiple errors you may be encountering.

Other Inverter restart instructions

Sungrow Hybrid + 3PH Inverter Restart

Solar inverter connect to WIFI

Have you lost internet connection to your inverter? This is one of the more common enquiries we receive, if you have updated your internet or changed your passwords please find the instructions below.

Contact our Support Team

Is there an issue with your solar power system and restarting your inverter did not help? If so please complete the form below and we will be in contact.

Solar Support FAQs

How does solar work?

Sunlight hits the solar cells in the panels, causing the electrons to flow. This prompts them to circulate, thereby generating a direct current DC electrical flow. This DC power is then converted into alternating current AC power by an inverter.

The AC power is then used in the property or stored in a battery and any excess power is usually fed back onto the grid.

There is an error on my inverter, what should i do?

If your inverter or inverter monitoring portal is showing an error or fault. We recommend that you restart your inverter. Please refer to the instructions for your specific inverter.

If the inverter restart fails to solve the problem please ask our support team for further help.

Why do I have an error message on my inverter?

There are several reasons why you might be experiencing an error on your solar inverter, including:

1. Communication issues. Inverters rely on communication between many components. If there is a problem with the communication network, it can result in an error.

2. Overheating: Inverters can overheat if exposed to high temperatures or placed in direct sunlight. This can cause them to shut down or display an error message.

3. Power surges: Power surges or fluctuations in the electrical supply can cause the inverter to shut down or display an error message.

4. Faulty components: Inverters contain many components that can fail over time. If one of these components fails, it can cause the inverter to display an error message.

5. Environmental factors: Environmental factors such as dust, moisture, or pests can affect inverters. For example, a buildup of dust on the inverter can cause it to overheat and display an error message.

6. Installation issues: If the inverter is not installed properly, it can result in an error. For example, if the wiring is not connected correctly or the inverter is not grounded properly, it can cause the inverter to display an error message.

How do I understand my solar savings?

Understanding solar power savings can be a little complex, but here are some factors to consider:

1. Energy consumption: The amount of energy you consume in your home or business will have a significant impact on your savings.

2. Solar system size: The size of your solar system will determine how much electricity it can generate. The larger the system, the more power it can generate and the more you can save on your electricity bills.

3. Feed-in tariffs: Synergy offers the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS) to eligible customers. This is the amount of money you are paid for the excess solar energy that your system generates and feeds back into the grid. The buyback rate can vary with the size of your solar system, and the time of day. For further information follow the link here.

4. Cost of electricity: The cost of electricity in Perth can vary if you are on a time of use tariff. It is important to understand your tariff and how much a unit of electricity costs.

5. System efficiency: The efficiency of your solar panel system will also impact your savings. The more efficient your system is, the more energy it can generate and the more money you can save on your electricity bills.

6. Your Synergy bill will not display your savings, it will only display your feed in tariff.

Why have my electricity bills increased?

There are several reasons why your electricity bill may have increased since installing solar. Including:

1. System inefficiency: If your solar power system is not operating efficiently, it may not be generating as much power as it should. This means you will have to rely more on grid electricity to meet your energy needs.

2. Increased energy consumption: If your energy consumption has increased, your solar system may no longer meet your need. This could be due to a change in lifestyle, the addition of new appliances, or other factors that are causing you to use more electricity.

3. Tariff changes: Electricity tariffs and rates can change over time. If the rates for electricity have increased, it may be offsetting the savings you are getting from your solar power system.

4. System size: If your solar power system is not large enough to meet your energy needs, you may still be relying on the grid. This means your bill may not decrease as much as you had hoped.

5. Time of use: Some electricity retailers charge different rates for electricity depending on the time of day, with peak hours being more expensive. If you are using more electricity during peak hours, it could be offsetting the savings you are getting from your solar power system.

Will my solar system work in a power outage?

Traditional solar systems connect directly to the grid and export any unused solar power. In a power outage traditional string inverters are not isolated from the grid and will shut down.

If a solar battery is installed with backup capabilities essential circuits will continue to receive power in an outage.

What is the emergency solar management in WA?

Emergency Solar Management (ESM) was introduced to integrate renewables onto the electricity grid.

Any new or upgraded solar PV system with an 5kW inverter or less will have the capability to be remotely turned off by Synergy and Western Power.

Key points to remember:

From 14 February 2022, you must follow the ESM if any of the following applies to you.

· Installing a new rooftop solar system and your inverter is 5kW or less; or

· Upgrading an existing rooftop solar system and your inverter is 5kW or less; or

· Adding a battery, with your solar inverter remaining at 5kW or less

· If your inverter capacity is greater than 5kW, your inverter needs an export limit of 1.5kW.

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