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Energizer, the most recognised brand in consumer appliance batteries have released a modern solar battery solution.
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Who are Energizer?

Energizer is a leading manufacturer of batteries and lighting products. Founded in 1896 and based in St. Louis, Missouri, with operations and customers around the world. Energizer is best known for its iconic Energizer Bunny mascot and its line of long-lasting alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable batteries.

With the release of the Energizer HomePower they are now becoming a leader in solar storage. Energizers solar battery is modular with sizing from 6.1kWh to 24.4kWh. Has built in blackout protection (UPS) and suitable for both indoor and outdoors use.

Energizer is a trusted brand, offering quality products and reliable performance. Its commitment to sustainability and innovative products make it a great choice for Perth home owners.

Energizer HomePower - Intelligent Battery Storage

The Homepower Battery is designed with safety in mind. It has a built-in battery management system that protects against overcharging, discharging, and short circuits. Rated for indoor and outdoor use, making it suitable for a variety of installation locations.

Should a power outage occur, It can supply an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for instant power up to 16A. We usually back up 3 circuits; lights, fridges and freezers and NBN.

AC Coupled batteries like Energizer make for the perfect retrofit option. They have their own built in inverter that converts and stores AC power into DC power. Thus if you already have solar then AC coupled batteries are usually the best solution.

Last but not least, the Energizer Battery has one of the best warranties on the market, offering an 80% capacity at 10 years or 10,000 cycles. That’s a warranty you can count on!


Technical Data

  • Modern design, available in Black or White
  • IP65 rating for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Backup protection for single phase loads
  • Customisable energy management system
  • Virtual power plant ready
  • Easy to use app for monitoring
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • 95% depth of discharge
  • All in one solution with no external backup box

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