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Australia and Perth are global leaders for solar solutions. With the highest solar per capita globally. Resulting in one in three homes now having solar panels. 
A simple solution can save up to 70% from homeowners’ electricity costs. When paired with a solar battery can even cut those bills entirely.

Positive Energy Solutions are locally based in Osborne Park Perth.

We focus on high quality, proven solar products. As well as the highest installer standards for renewable energy systems on homes and businesses.

As a result we provide clients with simple and cost effective solar solutions for their properties. We also specialise in Solar battery storage, hot water systems and EV chargers.

Positive Energy Expertise


Solar Systems

A simple solar power system comprises of solar panels and a string inverter like the Fronius inverter.
These packages are ideal for customers who are able to maximise their daytime loads. Positive Energy offer 5kW, 6.6kW and 10kW systems and larger. Importantly we provide energy solutions to suit a range of household sizes and commercial spaces.
Also most new customers look for solutions that are battery ready using hybrid inverters like Huawei or Sungrow.
Importantly setting up to be battery ready with a hybrid inverter allows customers to save money from their bills today and integrate a battery in the future.
At Positive Energy Solutions, one in three of our customers opt for a Solar and Battery package. These energy solutions include leading brands like Sonnen, Q CELLS and BYD.
Overall a complete package gives customers the largest savings, backup power and, for many, zero-dollar power bills!

Solar Battery Storage

Battery storage in Perth has been rapidly increasing in recent years 

In short this is as a result of feed in tariffs reducing along with battery technology improving.    

In general there are two ways to install a battery in Perth. First a retrofit option using AC coupled batteries like Sonnen or Tesla. Secondly by installing a complete home battery solution like Fronius and BYD or Sungrow.

Therefore AC coupled batteries are great for a retrofit option. However DC coupling allows far more flexibility in design and the ability to maximise solar panel array sizes.

Furthermore DC coupled batteries have faster and more efficient charge rates. Also they provide superior back up options in the event of a grid outage.

EV Chargers

There are a range of electric vehicle car chargers available but our favourite at Positive Energy is the Zappi.

Without a doubt the uptake of electric vehicles is currently growing at a rapid pace in Australia. Furthermore projections predict one million EVs sales before 2027 and 2.5 million by 2030.

While some vehicles do come with a basic EV charger, most new EV owners want to be able to charge their cars faster. Along with utilising their existing solar panels to minimise the amount of power purchased from the grid.



Inverters are the brains of the solar system, used to convert DC power to AC.

Traditionally string inverters like Fronius and SMA have been the most popular solutions in Perth and Australia.

As a result string inverters are a great proven and long-lasting solution. However in today’s market the new range of Hybrid inverters are currently most in demand.

For this reason Fronius have released the GEN24 model and other inverters like Sungrow, Q CELLS and Huawei are experiencing huge growth in the market. In general this is due to battery ready technology and built in back up functionality.

Contact Us for Effective Solar Solutions Today

At Positive Energy we provide solar panel installations. As well as battery storage and a range of other renewable energy products in Perth, WA. Our office is centrally located in Osborne Park. Get in touch with us on 1300 180 999 to discuss options and costs on our solar solutions today.

Contact Us for Effective Solar Solutions Today

At Positive Energy we provide solar panel installations. As well as battery storage and a range of other renewable energy products in Perth, WA. Our office is centrally located in Osborne Park. Get in touch with us on 1300 180 999 to discuss options and costs on our solar solutions today.

positive energy news

positive energy news

Enphase Microinverter Review

Enphase Microinverter Review

The Enphase Microinverter is a great option for Solar installations in Perth and Australia. Increasing performance of each solar panel.

Microinverters or “Micros” have many advantages over traditional string inverters like Fronius. In this blog we explore the costs and advantages over string inverters. 

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Solar Batteries Perth


Solar batteries in Perth are being installed at a record pace as the transition to renewable energy continues.

At Positive Energy one in three of our new customers are installing a solar battery when they buy their new solar power system.

Positive Energy focus on high performing, high quality and long lasting products.

Follow the link for a full understanding of Solar Batteries in Perth!

Tesla Home Battery Solution

The Tesla Powerwall is the most recognised solar battery in Perth and Australia. Seamlessly integrating with all existing solar panel systems

Sonnen Home Battery Solution

Sonnen is one of the market leaders in smart solar battery storage.

They are a German company that manufacture batteries here in Australia.

Up until 2020 80,000 Sonnen batteries had been installed, with 30,000 in Germany alone.

Their latest battery is the Sonnen Evo 11kWh

Huawei Home Battery Solution

One of the most popular options in the Perth solar battery market is the Huawei Luna Solar Battery.

The Huawei battery is compact and quiet and can be AC or DC coupled

Sungrow Home Battery Solution

The Sungrow Solar Battery is small and powerful.

In addition Sungrow is one of the most advanced and up to date solar batteries on the market.

Released in 2022 their modular solar battery system which has quickly become one of the leading solar batteries available in Perth.

Home Battery Solutions


Positive energy are experienced with a range of proven home solar batteries in Perth.

For new and retrofitted solar systems we have installed, but not limited to the following batteries:

Tesla Powerwall
Sonnen Home Solar Batteries
Sungrow Home Solar Batteries
Huawei Luna Batteries

Positive Energy can help you calculate the best return on investment for your battery system based on your unique solar system and property layout.

In addition we'll be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages and help you compare your preferred battery options and energy tariffs.

Contact us today to discuss your solar system and book your in home assessment!


Give us a call today and one of our friendly and super knowledgeable energy consultants will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

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