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Solar batteries in Perth are being installed at a record pace as the transition to renewable energy continues.

At Positive Energy one in three of our new customers are installing a solar battery when they buy their new solar power system.

Also many customers with existing solar systems are making the transition away from relying on Synergy.

Positive Energy are home efficiency experts. We provide analysis for our customers to find the right solar battery and technology for their needs.

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote please get in contact with us today.

Solar Battery Price

The price of a new solar battery depends on the battery that is being installed. As well as the individuals needs and requirements.

Like Solar panels there is no one size fits all solution. 

Positive Energy will assess each customers needs. Resulting in the correct solar and battery solution.


Different Types Of Batteries

DC Coupled Solar Batteries

DC Coupled batteries are the most common solar battery installed in Perth.  They use Hybrid inverters that manage both the solar and battery.

This all in one solution greatly improves efficiency and allows for super sizing solar systems.

These solar batteries are usually modular allowing more accurate sizing for the consumer. Battery sizing can start from 5kWh up to 100kWh+

Positive Energy stock the following DC coupled batteries

DC coupled battery prices start from $6,490

AC Coupled Solar Batteries

AC Coupled batteries retrofit with existing solar panel systems. They have their own built in inverter that converts and stores AC power into DC power.

If you already have solar then AC coupled batteries are usually the best solution.

Positive Energy stock the following AC coupled batteries

AC Coupled battery prices start from $9,890

DC and AC Coupled Solar Batteries

Some batteries have the best of both worlds and are capable of both DC and AC coupling.

DC coupled batteries will need the correct hybrid inverter to operate as an AC coupled battery solution.

The following batteries are capable of both DC and AC coupling

Using a DC coupled battery as an AC coupled solution pricing starts from $7,990

Selecting an AC coupled battery to also manage the solar pricing starts from $9,890

Solar and Battery Packages

As mentioned before one in three new solar systems installed by Positive Energy are Solar and Battery packages.

These solar solutions contain solar panels, inverters, batteries and smart meters.

Positive Energy focus on the mid to premium solar panel market. We stock the following solar panel manufacturers:

  • SunPower
  • Hyundai
  • Trina
  • Jinko

With the above solar panels the most common Solar and Battery packages are the following

  • Huawei Fusion Solar Inverter and  Huawei Luna Battery
  • Sungrow SH Series inverter and Sungrow SBR battery
  • Fronius GEN24+ inverter and BYD HVM or HVS Battery
  • QCELLS Q.VOLT inverter and Q.HOME battery

Pricing for Solar and Battery packages range from $15,990


Understanding AC vs DC coupled Solar Batteries

It is important to understand the difference between AC and DC coupled batteries. Even if you are not purchasing a battery straight away.

For instance if you want a solar battery in the future you need to buy the correct solar inverter today that allows;

  • Future expansion of Solar PV system
  • Backup on single and three phase loads
  • High charge and discharge rate

Read more information about Hybrid Inverters 

The following image gives an understanding of DC vs AC coupling batteries
AC and DC Coupled Batteries

AC Coupling

AC coupling batteries can be explained in the following way.

  • The solar battery has a separate inverter to charge the battery
  • The battery charges from the spare AC power

Thus it is the perfect solution for adding to an existing solar system.

However there are limitations:

  • Lower efficiency due to multiple conversions
  • Often only single phase (Can be installed on 3PH)
    • Limiting the appliances available to have battery backup and black start.
  • Battery is more expensive due to extra built in inverter

DC Coupling

Whereas DC Coupled batteries only have one inverter that manages both the solar panels and battery.

This solution allows users to add more solar panels, thus protecting the usable power and charging the battery more efficiently.

The main benefits are as follows:

  • Higher efficiency with only one conversion
  • Great functionality for single and three phase solutions
  • Greater battery backup and black out capabilities
  • Can supersize the solar array to increase the total solar yield
  • More affordable as a 2nd inverter is not needed

Battery Backup and Black Start

Battery Backup

There are a few things to consider when choosing a solar battery if the goal is to allow for battery back up and black start.

With battery backup it is important to know what appliances you want to operate in case of a power outage. We usually back up 3 circuits; lights, fridges and freezers and NBN. Almost all batteries will allow for this solution.

When backing up larger loads it is essential to ensure the battery is capable of providing power and the battery charge will last. For example you would not want to backup a ducted air conditioning unit with a 32A startup if the output is only 16A on the battery.

Also if the battery is only 10kWh and the load backed up is going to draw 4-5kW the battery would only last for 2 and a bit hours.

In conclusion be careful with what you decide to backup and pick the right solution. Our consultants are able to help you with designing this process correctly.

If you would like to backup large three phase appliances. Positive Energy reccomend the Fronius GEN24 with the BYD HVM or the Sungrow Inverter and battery combination.

Battery Black Start

Black start allows the solar panel system to “Wake up” if the power grid is down when the sun rises in the morning. The solar panels then begin to recharge the battery and provide power to the backed up circuits.

Not all batteries have this functionality. Please consult us if this is an important feature before making a purchase.

It is worth noting that single phase batteries will not black start three phase inverters. Also they will only backup appliances on the phase they are connected to.

If you would like black start on three phase properties. Positive Energy recommend the Fronius GEN24 with BYD and the Sungrow inverter and battery combination.


Why Choose Posititive Energy Solutions?

Solar and Battery Experts

At Positive Energy all our consultants are experts. In fact most of our consultants have been in the solar industry for 10 years or more.

Importantly this expert knowledge includes detailed product understanding and system design abilities. As well as knowledge on regulations and manufacturer specifications.

Before adding new products Positive Energy completes detailed training from the product manufacturer. This ensures we are always able to provide the best advice.

Furthermore we use the leading solar and battery installers in Perth. Resulting in the highest install standards.

Premium Equipment

Positive Energy do not sell cheap solar and battery solutions. If this is your goal you are in the wrong place!

Regardless of how attractive a low price may seem, it is quality that last the test of time.

Therefore we only stock premium equipment from global leading manufacturers. Additionally we only use manufactures with a strong Australian presence. This ensures good after sales and support. Also it demonstrates the manufacturers intent to remain in the market.

Cheap solar inverters and batteries are normally the first thing to fail. Furthermore cheap inverter and battery manufacturers exit the market regularly. In the long run this results in extra costs to the customer.

Warranties are not honoured if the manufacturer has left the market.

Consultative Approach

At Positive Energy we recognise that there is not a one size fits all for solar and battery systems. In fact each customers needs are different and considered.

We work with our customers to provide a detailed analysis on any solar or battery system we offer. Then allow the time to make a decision while answering any questions.

Furthermore having a central Perth location allows us to complete in home assessments. Therefore we can sit down face to face with customers to provide the best advice.

Positive Energy are also happy to complete the same level of detail over phone and email if preferred.

CEC Approved Retailers

Positive Energy is a proud Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer. Therefore we are bound by the CEC code of ethics.

The approved retailer scheme provides consumers peace of mind when choosing a solar company. Also is helps consumers avoid the many cowboys within the industry.

While there are thousands of solar companies in Australia, only a few approved retailers operate in each state.

We recommend you ask anyone providing you a quote if they are CEC Approved Retailers. (Not just a CEC member or Installer).

All Positive Energy installers and system designers are licensed and qualified electricians. As well as accredited with the Clean Energy Council. 

Learn more about the the different clean energy council accreditations.

The Future of Battery Storage

The future of battery storage is now. Very minimal changes are being made to battery hardware in comparison to 5-6 years ago. Also in Europe renewable energy and battery solutions have been common for over 10 years.

However we are beginning to see more integration between solar batteries and network providers. This integration can improve customers savings through time of use tariffs.

For example Synergy now have a “Midday Saver” tariff that charges 8c per unit from 9AM to 3PM.

Using software such as Evergen, batteries can be programmed to ensure they have received a full charge before 3PM. This solution is especially useful on clouded Winter days when sometimes the batteries do not receive a full charge.

The Evergen software is free for the user and compatible with most solar battery solutions from Positive Energy. Evergen claim an average saving of 26% per year from existing customers, so it is worth including in your system.

Tesla Home Battery Solution

The Tesla Powerwall is the most recognised solar battery in Perth and Australia. Seamlessly integrating with all existing solar panel systems

Sonnen Home Battery Solution

Sonnen is one of the market leaders in smart solar battery storage.

They are a German company that manufacture batteries here in Australia.

Up until 2020 80,000 Sonnen batteries had been installed, with 30,000 in Germany alone.

Their latest battery is the Sonnen Evo 11kWh

Huawei Home Battery Solution

One of the most popular options in the Perth solar battery market is the Huawei Luna Solar Battery.

The Huawei battery is compact and quiet and can be AC or DC coupled

Sungrow Home Battery Solution

The Sungrow Solar Battery is small and powerful.

It is also one of the most advanced and up to date solar batteries on the market. 

Released in 2022 their modular solar battery system which has quickly become one of the leading solar batteries available in Perth.

Home Battery Solutions


Positive energy are experienced with a range of proven home solar batteries in Perth.

For new and retrofitted solar systems we have installed, but not limited to the following batteries:

Tesla Powerwall
Sonnen Home Solar Batteries
Sungrow Home Solar Batteries
Huawei Luna Batteries

We can help you calculate the best return on investment for your battery system based on your unique solar system and property layout.

We'll be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages and help you compare your preferred battery options.

Give us a call today and one of our friendly and super knowledgable energy consultants will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

1300 180 999 

[email protected]

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