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EUPD Top PV Installer Award | Positive Energy Solutions

Positive Energy are thrilled to have received the Top Installer Awards from EUPD. The EUPD award highlights the best of Australian solar installers.

EUPD have spent years championing renewable energy, and now they have decided to honor those turning this vision into reality. As households become more self-sufficient installers are a key interface between manufacturers and end customers.

The winners of this award don’t just install solar panels; we are driving the clean energy movement forward.

Positive Energy are proud to be awarded alongside our award earlier in the year for the best solar installers in Perth.

Key Takeaways

  • EUPD Research specialises in global energy markets. Their main focuses is on the key areas of the energy transition: electricity, heat, mobility, and energy efficiency.
  • Provides market research and consulting services to help companies develop sustainable business strategies.
  • They launched the “EUPD Research Installer Award” for outstanding solar installers in Australia.

Who are EUPD?

EUPD Research established in 2000. They are a respected global entity specialising in global energy market analysis and consulting. Many readers will recognise their logo which is a sign of outstanding performance on all renewable energy products.

EUPD Research’s role in the energy transition is pivotal. They provide key insights and strategies that help drive the shift towards renewables.

Their impact on the solar industry is particularly noteworthy over the last 23 years. EUPD Research has worked with thousands of installers in 50+ countries. This helps to understand their requirements and preferences.

EUPD Research’s reports are cited by companies, associations and government agencies globally.

Learn more about them here.


What is the EUPD Top PV Installer Award?

The EUPD Top PV Installer Award was introduced to celebrate the excellence of solar installers who prove superior performance and influence in the Australian market.

This award underscores the importance of solar installers in the broader adoption of renewable energy. Recognising solar companies pivotal role in the clean energy transition. As the industry evolves, installers are crucial for the successful implementation of solar technology.

The EUPD Top PV Installer Award not only honors our achievements but highlights the vital impact of installers in the energy future.

EUPD Top PV Installer Criteria

The aim of the award is to highlight the most impacting installers on national level (esp. residential segment). Based on a multitude of key performance indicators.

The considered criteria is as follows.

  • Residential and commercial solar Installers
  • Number of systems installed
  • Geographical Coverage
  • Execution and business strategy
  • Growth rate of the company
  • The most ambitious downstream companies

Positive Energy were awarded in a list of just 5 WA Solar companies and we are proud to share our achievements.


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