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Positive Energy Voted Best Installer In Perth

Best Solar Installers Perth?

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable solar installer in Perth? Look no further than Positive Energy Solutions.

According to the latest SolarQuotes survey, Positive Energy Solutions were voted the top installers in Perth with an average rating of 4.98. Recognised for our high quality customer service, premium equipment, no pressure consultative approach and due diligence on manufacturers.

Learn more about why Positive Energy was voted the best solar installers in Perth!

Who are SolarQuotes?

SolarQuotes is the go-to source for finding trustworthy solar installers who can provide high quality solar, battery, or EV charger installations.

Founded in 2009 by Finn Peacock, SolarQuotes has grown to become the most popular solar website in Australia with over 65,000 genuine reviews of solar installers, panels and inverters.

They match customers with up to three installers who provide solar quotes and charge a small fee for referrals.

Solar companies do not pay membership fees or commission on sales and SolarQuotes does not take commissions as it would compromise their independence.

They have a Good Installer Guarantee policy that only accepts great solar companies and ensures they meet strict installer standards.

This helps ensure customers get the best service possible when installing solar systems in Perth and other areas of Australia.

Who are Positive Energy?

Boasting unbeatable customer service, professionalism, and quality of work, Positive Energy Solutions has skyrocketed to the leaders of Perth’s solar installers.

With a deep understanding of regulations, manufacturers specifications, and system design. Combined with the highest installer standards for renewable energy systems and our commitment to stocking only proven products from suppliers with a strong Australian presence. Positive Energy has become a leader in its field.

Furthermore, we offer customers detailed product understanding and a consultative approach to ensure customers receive tailored solutions that are perfect for their needs.

Why were Positive Energy voted the top installer in Perth?

We earned the highest accolades for our customer service, professionalism, and quality of work, making us the go-to installer in Perth. Our commitment to delivering exceptional solar energy solutions is second to none. We don’t take shortcuts or skimp on quality; instead we aim for excellence in everything we do.

Our team consists of experienced industry professionals who are skilled at providing tailored solutions to fit any home or business needs. We conduct thorough due diligence on manufacturers before stocking new products. Additionally, we are NETCC approved sellers and our installation process follows the highest standards with accredited and licensed electricians.

How can you get in contact with Positive Energy?

Positive Energy specialise in solar panels, solar battery storage, hot water systems, and EV chargers. We focus on high-quality, proven solar products with a strong Australian presence from manufacturers.

We offer an in-home assessment or can provide the same level of detail over the phone or email if preferred.

Customers are given time to make decisions after receiving advice on selecting the right sized system for them including information on panels, batteries and inverters as well as expected investment returns and payback periods.

With honest advice backed by experience no matter what your location or needs may be you are sure to find the best possible solution with Positive Energy Solutions.

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