Get more power and safety for your home with Enphase solar


With Enphase solar, you’re in control, and that’s a powerful thing. You can save money. You can manage your own energy. You can be energy independent. But none of that matters if it’s not safe. That’s why Enphase is built from the ground up with safety in mind. 

Unparalleled safety. With the Enphase solar, there is no dangerous high-voltage DC running across your roof, on the same standard AC that powers your appliances.

 Maximise your savings. With Enphase, each panel is fitted with its own microinverter to create panel-level independence and generate the most energy possible.

A single app for everything. Real-time monitoring of your energy production at a panel level enables you to make informed choices about how best to use your solar energy.



Traditional DC inverter systems
Traditional DC systems can generate up to
1,000 volts of dangerous high-voltage DC,
which must run from your panels through
your ceiling to the central inverter located on
the side of your home. Even the smallest
equipment failure, such as a damaged cable
or a loose electrical connection, can cause a
DC arc fault creating a serious fire risk.

Enphase microinverters
Unlike traditional DC solar power inverters, the
Enphase IQ microinverter system provides a
complete AC solution that uses no high-voltage
DC, ensuring a safe solar solution for your
home. Other advantages of microinverter
technology include more flexibility in system
design, panel-level monitoring, and increased
power production.

Enphase solar is an investment you can count on

A solar system for your home is a standout investment:
– Payback in approximately 3-5 years
– Return on investment (ROI): 18% year 1 (savings/investment), 20% in year 3
– ROI increases every time electricity rates increase
– Everything after the payback period is pure profit, tax-free
With Enphase, you get a premium system that ensures you protect and maximise your solar
investment with safe, smart, tough solar.


Safer than other inverter technologies
Enphase microinverters are commonly chosen for
daycare centres and schools, since they meet even
the strictest government safety requirements.

Built-in rapid shutdown
Enphase microinverters can safely shut down
automatically without the workarounds required for
traditional inverters.

Remote technical support
The Enphase system sends out automatic alerts
about technical issues to your installer and enables
remote troubleshooting.

A single app for everything

With the Enphase MyEnlighten app,
you can track your energy production,
monitor your system’s health, and
share your data with family and
friends, all from a simple, easy-to-use
interface. It is like your banking app,
allowing you to monitor and make the
most your solar investment.

Powerful performance means lower electricity bills
Did you know that a traditional inverter solar system’s
output is only as strong as its weakest panel? This is
because the panels are daisy-chained together like
Christmas lights. With Enphase, each panel is fitted with
its own microinverter to create panel-level independence
and generate the most energy possible.

Be ready for tomorrow with unparalleled flexibility
Enphase microinverters allow panel arrays to be installed
across multiple roof areas and orientations. This level of
design agility enables the maximum harvest of sunlight
and means that your system expansion options are only
limited by your roof space.


Own a system you can count on
Australia’s weather is no joke, especially in remote locations. Choose a solar system that is built to
last and thrive in the harshest of environments.

No single point of failure
Unlike traditional inverter systems, where all the power from
your panels runs through a single, central inverter, if a panel
or Enphase microinverter stops working, the rest of your
system will continue to function with minimal disruption.

Longest warranty on the market
Enphase is obsessive about quality and stands by its products
with the industry’s strongest warranties. Enphase
microinverters come with a 10-year warranty as standard, with
options to extend coverage to 15, 20 or 25 years.

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