Enphase solar is the leading microinverter manufacturer built from the ground up with safety in mind.

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How Enphase Microinverters Works?

DC Vs AC Solar Systems

Traditional String Inverters

Traditional string inverter DC solar systems use a single centrally located inverter that converts the power generated by the panels at ground level.

These systems can generate up to 1,000 volts of high-voltage DC electricity. This high voltage power runs through your ceiling to the central inverter located on the side of your home.

As a result even a small equipment failure, such as a damaged cable or a loose electrical connection, could cause a DC arc fault creating a fire risk. Although incredibly rare.

Enphase Microinverters

However unlike traditional DC solar power inverters, the Enphase IQ microinverter system provides a complete AC solution that uses no high-voltage DC. Completing the conversion under each panel.

This ensures a safer solar solution for your home as the high voltage is not running through your ceilings.

Other advantages of microinverter technology include more flexibility in system design, panel-level monitoring, and increased power production.


Who are Enphase?

Enphase Energy was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Petaluma, California. The company found success right from the start and listed on the NASDAQ in 2013.

Their mission is to make solar energy simple, reliable, and affordable. Their unique microinverter design has revolutionised energy generation and can now be paired with their IQ batteries.

Enphase has won multiple awards for its technology. Such as the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award, the Popular Science “Best of What’s New” award, and the Design News “Golden Mousetrap” award.

As of 2020, Enphase had shipped over 27 million microinverters. These are now installed on over one million homes, businesses, and commercial projects in 90 countries.

Enphase has also developed a suite of energy management solutions designed to make energy smarter and more efficient. These solutions include their Enlighten monitoring system, which allows users to monitor their solar system performance in real time. Also their Enphase Storage System which allows users to store excess energy generated by their solar system for use at night.

Enphase has also partnered with SunPower to create AC modules with built-in microinverters, providing the ultimate solar panel solution.

Revolutionary Solar Products

Enphase Products

Improved Performance

Did you know that a traditional inverter solar system’s
output is only as strong as its weakest panel?

This is because the panels are daisy-chained together like
Christmas tree lights.

However with Enphase, each solar panel is fitted with its own microinverter to create panel-level independence and generate the most energy possible.


Safer than other inverter technologies with their DC-AC conversion happening at the panels. They also have Built-in rapid shutdown meaning they can safely shut down automatically incase of an emergency.

Addditionally the Enphase system can send out automatic alerts to your installer and enables remote troubleshooting.

No single point of failure

Unlike traditional inverter systems, where all the power from your solar panels runs through a single central inverter. If a panel or Enphase microinverter stops working then the rest of your system will continue to function with minimal disruption.

Longest warranty on the market

Enphase is obsessive about quality and stands by its products
with the industry’s strongest warranties. Enphase microinverters come with a 10-year warranty as standard, with options to extend coverage to 15, 20 or 25 years.

Enphase App

With the Enphase MyEnlighten app, you can track your energy production, monitor your system’s health, and share your data with family and friends, all from a simple, easy-to-use interface. It is like your banking app, allowing you to monitor and make the
most your solar investment.


Enphase Perth

Enphase entered the Australian solar market in 2011, establishing offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Since then, the company has built a strong presence in the country, with support staff in every state.

Enphase is installed on a number of high profile projects in Australia. Including the installation on Glenlyn aged care facility and on more than 1,000 schools. Chosen for improved safety over competitors.

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