Sonnen Solar Batterie 9.53

Sonnen Batterie 9.53

Pricing Valid while stock lasts for Perth Metro Area (Yanchep – Mandurah)

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Sonnen Batterie 9.53 Promotion

Sonnen are the leading German battery manufacturer on the market and in 2025 they will release the new Sonnen Batterie 10.

There is a limited amount of the Sonnen Batterie 9.53 available which are exclusive to Positive Energy Solutions, this stock will not last long.

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Why Choose the Sonnen Batterie?
  • German Made: Precision engineering for superior performance and durability
  • LiFeP04 battery chemistry : Safest on the market with no cobalt and no thermal runaway
  • Comprehensive Support: Europe’s No1 Selling Home Battery
  • Industry-Leading 10,000 Cycle Warranty: At 1.5 cycles per day this equates to over 18 years of serviceable life
  • Exclusive Offer: Over 40% off the regular retail price – a deal that won’t be repeated!

Key Features:
  • High Capacity (10kWh): Ensures your home stays powered over night.
  • Hybrid AC/DC Inverter: An All-in-One solution, If you don’t have solar power yet, there is no requirement for an additional inverter
  • Local Australian support
  • Expandable up to 15kWh
  • Smart Energy Management: Optimise your energy usage and savings.
  • Eco-Friendly: Contribute to a sustainable future with renewable energy storage.

We have two options available for you.
  • If you have solar simply swap out your existing inverter with the all in one battery. 
  • Or purchase a complete solar and battery system with the Trina Vertex S+ 440w panels
10kWh Sonnen Batterie

RRP $14,990
Now $8,990*

8kW Solar System + 10kWh Sonnen Batterie

RRP $17,990
Now $11,990*

Limited stock remains, this offer will not last long!

*Pricing will vary if switchboard work is required
*Pricing will vary for difficult cable runs
*Must have an active internet connection
*IP 30, battery must be installed in an enclosed garage

Product Data Sheets:

Sonnen Batterie 9.53
Trina Vertex S+ 440w

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