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– The My Home project creates homes for vulnerable older women on unused government land in Fremantle.

– The units are made from prefabricated panels that assemble like flat-pack furniture in a matter of hours.

– The project completed in nine months, and St Pat’s will act as the landlord and manage the properties for the 18 women aged over 55 who will soon move in.

– The entire site runs off solar power, with double-glazed windows and other design choices helping reduce power costs. There is also a system that regulates airflow in each home keeping them at a consistent temperature all year round.



The My Home project Fremantle is a partnership between architect Michelle Blakeley and St Pat’s Community Support Centre. The project provides homes for vulnerable women aged over 55. It is an innovative solution to the housing crisis in Australia, made possible by the public, private, and community sectors coming together.

This article will explore how this project came about, and implemented as well as its positive impacts on the lives of its residents.

We will also examine Positive Energy’s role within the project installing a solar system and donating a solar battery.


The My Home Project is a housing initiative for vulnerable older women in Fremantle. It is a collaboration between architect Michelle Blakeley and St Pat’s Community Support Centre. Providing affordable homes using prefabricated panels that assemble in a matter of hours. The homes are built on stilts due to the cost of soil needed to level the site.

The project has sparked an impressive solution to Australia’s stubborn housing crisis. Public, private, and community sectors have worked together to provide the necessary resources. This project included donations from labour to solar batteries to store power generated by the solar panels. Double-glazed windows were also installed to help reduce power costs.

Each unit has a system regulating airflow to maintain a consistent temperature. Further reducing energy demands. These efforts have provided eighteen women aged over 55 with their own permanent space that they can call home.


A key problem addressed by the My Home project is Australia’s persistent housing and homelessness crisis. An issue that has occurred with underinvestment in social and affordable housing.
It is estimated hundreds of thousands of extra homes need building.

Projects such as My Home in North Fremantle are essential for bridging this gap. These projects have the ability to build quickly and cost-effectively.

Public, private, and community sectors have all come together on this initiative. The private sector showed a real interest in working with community organisations to reach the goal.

The WA government has injected $511 million into social housing, enabling many vulnerable people to find a place they can call home.

Each resident will receive a care package when they move in. This will include vouchers for local shops and supermarkets. Also they can start life a new life without any power bills. Thanks to double-glazed windows, regulated airflow systems, and solar powered energy sources.

These efforts prove that when the public, private, and community organisations join forces positive outcomes are possible.



Positive Energy helped by providing the necessary energy sources to power the units. We played an integral role in the My Home project installing solar panels and donating a solar battery.

We handled all the applications including Western Power, Synergy, and the Government Solar Rebates.

Our accredited electricians then installed these new systems to the highest industry standards. While also setting up and providing monitoring for the future.

Our expertise in providing advice will enable the residents to live a sustainable life without bills.

Learn more about the My Home Solar Installation and the products we used.


Future opportunities for similar projects provide a solution to the housing crisis in Australia. offering vulnerable individuals an opportunity to live securely and with dignity.

Architect Michelle Blakeley has already identified five potential sites for future projects!

It is our hope we see governments, charities and the private sector come together to make these projects possible.

By working together it becomes possible for more projects to be completed providing much needed support to the community.



The My Home Project has been a pioneering effort in providing housing for vulnerable women aged over 55. It is an example of the power of collaboration to create sustainable solutions to problems faced by communities.

The positive impact this project will have on the lives of many demonstrates effective tools in tackling the housing crises.

Moving forward, we hope projects across Australia will be developed so everyone can have accessible housing.

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