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Solar Panels Perth

Solar panels in Perth are being installed at a record pace as the renewable energy market continues to grow. Last year Perth households added 191 megawatts (MW) of solar power capacity. This brings the total amount of residential solar in WA to 1,362MW.

In fact solar power has become so popular that rooftop solar power systems now exceeds the output of WA’s largest power station. Synergy’s 854MW Muja Power Station.

Positive Energy are home efficiency experts. We provide analysis to our customers to find the correct Solar Panel system to match their needs.

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Solar Panel Brands

Positive Energy sell a range of solar panels. Although we avoid the entry level of the market, especially pop up companies with no history or Australian support.

Instead we focus on the mid to premium side of the market. This enables us to install solar with confidence of long term support and performance.

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote please get in contact with us today.



What are the best solar panels available in Perth?


SunPower are the leaders of the solar panel industry. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in California. They have over 900 patents, and are continuously innovating.

SunPower manufacture the worlds most efficient panels at 22.6%. and have the longest warranty available on the market. With an industry leading 40 years parts and labour.

Furthermore they have a strong relationship with Enphase. This allows them to manufacture both DC and AC modules.


QCELLS founded in Germany in 1999 and now owned by Hanwha, who are a global 500 company with a strong focus on building a sustainable future.

Their technology and innovation headquarters is still located in Thalheim Germany. Where they boast one of the largest R&D budgets out of any manufacturer in the solar market.

QCELLS are consistently a top 10 panel manufacture by volume without compromising on quality.

QUALITY Solar Systems

QUALITY Solar Panels

What are the most popular solar panels?

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar have the fifth largest solar panel manufacturing capacity in the world. And have an increasing Australian presence. They have 4 warehouses across Australia and employ 50 local staff.

In March 2020 Canadian Solar produced an n-type solar cell that tested at a world record 23.81% efficiency.

Their solar panels are also used on some on the largest solar farms in Australia . Longreach solar farm being of particular significance.

Trina Solar

Trina Solar is one of the most bankable solar manufacturers as ranked by Bloomberg new energy finance. This means they provide peace of mind they will remain in the market to support their customers.

They also have strong support for Australia. Recently releasing their new Vertex S+ panel to us before the rest of the world.

With Higher efficiencies, N-Type solar cells and utilising glass/glass technology. As well as increased product and performance warranties.

Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar are a global powerhouse when it comes to Solar Panels. They have a vertically integrated manufacturing process. This means they make every component of their panels in house.

This manufacturing process allows Jinko to develop quickly and get ahead of the market, as they are less reliant on third parties.

Currently Jinko have the largest residential solar panel by watt class at 475w. Furthermore they are moving towards all N-Type solar cells for improved efficiency and longevity.

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At Positive Energy we provide solar panel installations. As well as battery storage and a range of other renewable energy products in Perth, WA. 

Our office is centrally located in Osborne Park. 

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Solar Panel Systems

How do I choose a Solar Panel System?

There are many benefits of having a solar system on your home. But how do you decide what solar system is correct?



When buying solar it is important to understand your energy requirements over a 24 hours period. Also how much of this power is in daylight hours Vs night time. 

If you are installing solar only you generally want to cover your day time needs. If you are installing a battery or plan to install a battery you need to install enough solar to cover a 24 hour period.

Once you have an understanding of your current and future energy demands it is important to size the solar system correctly. Too big and you will be sending free power to the grid. Too small and you wont achieve the desired savings and will limit future needs.

Below is a quick guide for sizing a solar system.

Electricity BillNumber of Solar PanelsSolar system Size



3kW Solar System


166.6kW Solar System


2410kW Solar System


32+13kW Solar System +


Like all products the life expectancy and warranties of panels vary. There are a few considerations.

Firstly all panels will have a Product warranty and a Performance warranty. The product warranty covers the materials of the panel and provides coverage if the panel stops working. On the other hand the performance warranty provides a guarantee of output over a 25 year period.

The leading solar panel warranty is from SunPower Maxeon panels with a 40 year parts and labour warranty.

Most reputable solar panel providers now offer a 25 year product warranty. Just be sure to read the fine print to see if labour is included.

Be Cautious on cheap solar panels with no Australian presence. Remember “It’s the same warranty” does not apply when the cheap solar manufacturer has left the market (aka gone bust) and your warranty is now useless. 

You can view our product warranties here.

Batteries + Hybrid Inverters

At Positive Energy one in three of our customers purchase a battery when buying solar. For a detailed battery explanation please visit our Solar Batteries page.

If you want to be battery ready. It is important to buy a Hybrid inverter, especially on single phase properties. Hybrid inverters allow the management of both the solar panels and battery to maximise efficiency.

Whether you are buying a battery today or in the future it is important to be set up correctly to avoid costly alterations later.

Solar Panels and Shade

How does shade effect solar panels?

Badly! Solar produces electricty when sunlight hits the cells freeing up an electron. Therefore if the solar panels become shaded the electricity production is reduced.

Unfortunately this power output loss is not proportional to the area of the panel that is shaded. In some situations a small shadow on the corner of a panel can reduce the output by up to 33%. Furthermore on a string inverter system all panels perform to the lowest performing panel.

Shading Solutions for Solar Panels

There are a few different solar solutions available for properties that experience shade.


Traditional solar systems use one central string inverter to generate usable power. Whereas microinverters have an inverter on each solar panel. Therefore the output of each panel is independent and not effected by other panels in the system.

Positive Energy recommend Enphase Microinverters for this solution.

Power Optimisers

Power optimisers also connect to the back of solar panels. But there is still one central inverter. The optimisers eliminate power mismatch between solar panels to decrease losses from shading. SolarEdge and Huawei have their own solution. For all other inverters we use Tigo optimisers.

SunPower Maxeon Panels

SunPower Maxeon panels have a unique design that limits shading loss to the shaded area of the panel. This works as Maxeon panels have a bypass diode on each cell. Therefore the electrical current still flows through the other non shaded cells.

Additionally SunPower and Enphase have partnered to produce an AC-Module. The SunPower AC-Module is a traditional panel with an Enphase microinverter built in.

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Prices and packages

Solar Panel Prices and packages

The price of your new solar panel system will depend on the size of the system being installed. Also the equipment being used and the complexity of the solar installation. Any prices mentioned on this website are after the rebates have been deducted.

System Size


6.6kW + Battery


10kW + Battery


15kW + Battery


20kW + Battery

Price from









The Future of Solar Panels

A lot has changed in the Solar industry over the last 10-15 years. The pricing of solar has come down and the size of the systems have increased. Many manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers have come and gone. But Perth has now achieved close to 1 in 3 homes with solar panels installed. So what’s next?

Solar batteries are being installed at a record pace with close to one in three of our customers opting to install a battery. A trend that looks set to continue.

More people are purchasing electric vehicles adding increased electricity demands to peoples homes. As a result we are experiencing an increase in Smart EV Chargers installs. These EV chargers allow users to charge their cars with excess solar power.

As a result more integration between solar systems and network providers is occurring. For example Synergy now have a “Midday Saver” tariff that charges 8c per unit from 9AM to 3PM. This tariff is perfect for battery and EV owners.

Software such as Evergen is emerging to streamline this integration. Further maximising customers home efficiency.


frequency asked questions

There are many benefits of having a solar system on your home.

The amount of solar panels needed varies depending on customers energy demands. Below is a recommendation of the amount of panels based on different power bill amounts:


Electricity Bill amountNumber of Solar PanelsSolar System Size
$150-$30083kW Solar System
$300-$600166.6kW Solar System
$600-$8002410kW  Solar System
$800 +32+13kW  Solar System +

The cost of a solar panel installation varies depending on the quality of the equipment and complexity of install.

A complete solar power system can cost between $3,500 for a simple 3kW system. Up to $60,000 + for a complex solar and battery system and everything in between.

N-Type cells are doped with phosphorous and create a negative charge.

P-Type cells are doped with boron making them positively charged.

N-Type cells are more efficient and becoming the most popular option.

SunPower and QCells are the leading solar panel brands. However Canadian Solar, Trina and Jinko also make high quality competitive PV modules.

There are many considerations when deciding what’s solar panel system is correct. Some of the main considerations are.


  • Do I need Solar?
  • Current and future energy demands
  • Size of solar system?
  • Current or future battery needs
  • Warranties and life expectancy
  • Does your property encounter shade?
  • Solar Panel Prices

Eligible renewable energy systems like solar are entitled small-scale technology certificates (STC). An STC is equal to every 1 megawatt hour of renewable electricity either generated or displaced.

These certificates create an incentive to install renewable energy systems. Normally the STCs are discounted upfront to customers.

However these certificates are being phased out by 2030 and reduce every year in January.

Solar panel systems typically take between one and three days to install, depending on the complexity of the system and the size of the property.

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