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Synergy Electricity Prices 2023

Key Takeaways


– Synergy have increased the residential electricity tariffs, effective from 1 July 2023. Reflecting rising costs to generate and transport electricity and maintain the electricity grid.

– DEBS buyback rates will also change, the new rates of 10c/kWh for peak times and 2.25c/kWh for all other times.

– Synergy has also made changes to standard fees and charges. These include new connections, meter changes, and moving to a new house, with some fees increasing and some decreasing.

Lets dive in and review the changes!

Residential Electricity Price Changes Perth

The residential electricity tariff changes announced by Synergy on July 1, 2023 affect the Home Plan (A1), Midday Saver, and EV Add On.

Home Plan (A1)

Synergy’s Home Plan (A1) electricity tariff is subject to a 2.50% price increase from 1 July 2023. This is the “default” tariff that the majority of Perth home owners will use.

Midday Saver

The Synergy Midday Saver is an electricity tariff that offers lower rates during certain hours of the day. In particular between 9AM and 3PM the rate is just over 8c per unit, while the 3PM to 9PM rate is around 50c per unit. From 9PM to 9AM the rate is 22.5c per unit.

We recommend this tariff to any customer that have a battery. This is because it allows for increased savings during daylight hours and reduced rates at night if the battery does run out of charge.

Another bonus of this tariff is it allows the user to charge their batteries from the grid at a lower rate on those cloudy winter days.

EV Add On

The EV Add on is similar to the midday saver tariff and available for customers who own an electric vehicle.

This tariff has one additional window at  just over 18c per unit between midnight and 6AM.

The following plans are no longer offered. SmartPower (SM1), Powershift(PS1) and HotWater Plan (B1)

Please see below the new price changes. 

Synergy 2023 Residential Tariff Changes

  2022 Price inc. GST 2023 Price inc. GST Change
Home Plan (A1)
Electricity charge  $0.300605 $0.30812 2.5%
Supply charge  $1.077685 $1.104600 2.5%
Midday Saver Tariff
Super off peak (9AM-3PM) $0.08 $0.082 2.5%
Peak (3PM-9PM) $0.50 $0.5125 2.5%
Off Peak (9PM-9AM) $0.22 $0.225 2.5%
Supply charge $1.20 $1.23 2.5%
EV Add on
Super off peak (9AM-3PM) $0.08 $0.082 2.5%
Peak (3PM-9PM) $0.50 $0.5125 2.5%
Off Peak (9PM-12AM) (6AM-9AM) $0.22 $0.225 2.5%
EV Add on (12AM-6AM) $0.18 $0.1845 2.5%
Supply charge $1.20 $1.23 2.5%

Synergy Standard Fees and Charges changes

From 1 July 2023, standard fees and charges related to managing electricity accounts have been altered.

– The account establishment fee decreased from $35.40 to $30.95.

– The meter reprogram fee increased from $96.50 to $101.30.

– The distributed energy buyback scheme (DEBS) administration fee decreased from $21.90 to $14.45.

– Cheque dishonour fees and direct debit dishonour fees both increased from $2.55 to $2.60.

– Paper-based bill fee also increased from $1.20 to $1.30.

– Urgent reconnection fees increased from $189.00 to $193.80

– Meter reconfiguration (remote) was changed from $35 to $39.9.

– Special meter reading (remote) was decreased from $17.6 cents to $15.8

– Disconnection of overhead house/premise service leads remained unchanged at $194

For a complete list of changes please follow the link

Is Synergy the only electricity provider in Perth?

Most Perth residential properties receive electricity from Synergy, the state-owned provider. Alternative suppliers exist for commercial and some residential customers, but most have only Synergy. Solar panels and batteries can reduce electricity bills while also providing a positive C02 impact.


Can solar and batteries can help to reduce bills?

Solar panels and battery systems can provide a cost effective solution for customers to reduce their electricity bills.

Positive Energy is a locally based company specialising in solar panels, solar batteries, hot water systems and EV chargers. We offer tailored solutions for individual property needs and requirements.

By harnessing the suns energy to power homes or businesses, customers can enjoy ongoing savings.

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