Are QCELLS The Best Solar Brand In 2023?


Are QCELLS the ultimate solar brand of 2023. Find out about their products and why they might just be unbeatable in the market. Key Takeaways – QCELLS panels have great performance, incredible quality and look amazing– QCELLS are a tier 1 manufacturer with experience in solar PV, inverters, and batteries– QCELLS are one of the […]

Synergy Electricity Prices 2023


Key Takeaways   – Synergy have increased the residential electricity tariffs, effective from 1 July 2023. Reflecting rising costs to generate and transport electricity and maintain the electricity grid. – DEBS buyback rates will also change, the new rates of 10c/kWh for peak times and 2.25c/kWh for all other times. – Synergy has also made […]

Solar and Battery install | Mosman Park


We recently installed a 9.4kW Jinko solar system in Mosman Park. The systems contains two 5kW Huawei hybrid inverters and a 10kWh Huawei battery. We installed new panels and battery back up on the main house and integrated the existing solar panels located on the garage.  In total the install took our team just over […]

Can I charge an electric vehicle with my solar panels? EV Chargers


 The dream of electric vehicle ownership is becoming a reality for many people across Australia with EV sales tripling in 2021 compared with 2020. There are also predictions of up to 50% of new car sales to be electric by 2030.   What is the most efficient way to charge my electric vehicle? Most new […]

Heat Pumps


Learn how to use heat pumps as a battery! Got Solar? Use Water as a Battery! Recently Australia reached a milestone of 3-million solar systems installed on homes & businesses. That’s more than 1 in 4 houses! Unfortunately, for many WA households, a large part of their solar power gets exported to the grid for […]

The Positive benefits of Hybrid Inverters


This article will cover of all you need to know about Hybrid Inverters. Hybrid Inverters From cars to household pens, the word Hybrid gets thrown around a lot in modern times. If you are getting solar in 2022 we recommend future proofing your system with a “Hybrid” inverter. Just about every non battery customer we come across […]

Battery Backup – Perth Power Outages


In this article we will explain Battery Backup in Perth Q: Why did the duck cause a blackout? A:   If you’re expecting a punch-line, unfortunately there isn’t one. In fact, for many Aussies this Summer, these power-outages are no joke. Especially when they occur on sweltering hot 40-degree days on the Western Power network. With no […]



Welcome to the complete Q.HOME solution, an all in one solar panel and Battery package from QCELLS. This three storey Perth beachfront property presented many obstacles. By sitting down with the customer and listening to their needs and concerns. The team at Positive Energy were able to find a Positive solution. So what were the […]