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Are QCELLS The Best Solar Brand In 2023?

Are QCELLS the ultimate solar brand of 2023. Find out about their products and why they might just be unbeatable in the market.

Key Takeaways

QCELLS panels have great performance, incredible quality and look amazing
– QCELLS are a tier 1 manufacturer with experience in solar PV, inverters, and batteries
– QCELLS are one of the most installed brands by industry insiders
– QCELLS offers a comprehensive energy solution for homes, including solar panels, home batteries and monitoring 
-QCELLS do not cut corners allowing them to offer 25 year product warranties on panels and using premium Samsung battery cells they offer a 15 year warranty on batteries


Who are QCELLS?

QCELLS is one of the longest standing solar brands in the market Founded in Germany in 1999 and acquired by the Hanwha Group in 2012. They now have manufacturing facilities in various locations worldwide.

They have a reputation in the industry for providing high quality solar panels and energy storage solutions for homes and businesses.

The pricing of QCELLS falls within the mid to upper mid-range, making them accessible to a wide consumer base in Australia. While their performance and after sales support is among the best of any manufacturer.

QCELLS offers an extensive warranty up to 25 years on solar panels and an industry leading 15 years on their solar battery storage.

Their products Q.MAXX and Q.PEAK DUO panels are designed for Australian conditions after demonstrating as top performers in Alice Springs test centre.

They have also transitioned into a complete energy provider offering a high quality home battery.

Therefore, based on these factors, this article aims to evaluate whether Qcells can be considered the best solar brand in 2023.

What products do QCELLS manufacturer?

QCELLS produce a wide range of photovoltaic cells, solar panels and now their 3rd generation solar battery.

Their products are of the highest quality and have gained a positive reputation among customers and installers alike. The most popular solar panels are the Q.MAXX and Q.PEAK DUO and their home battery the Q.HOME CORE which uses Samsung SDI battery cells.

Lets dive in a bit deeper into the products.

If you want to read the spec sheets the links are below. For the purpose of this blog I will refrain from comparing the VOC, Temp Coefficients etc and focus on the products, company, service and support.

Q.MAXX Data Sheet

Q.PEAK Data Sheet

Q.HOME Data Sheet

QCELLS Solar Panels

Much like Fronius are the go to inverters for industry professionals. QCELLS panels have become one of the preferred choices for installers in the industry. Although a few of us at Positive have SunPower on our properties more of us our now installing QCELLS for the complete home package.

Why are industry insiders installing QCELLS?

Positive Energy and other industry professionals are looking for the following criteria;

– Longstanding time in the industry
– Comprehensive and long warranties including labour coverage
– Easy commissioning and after sales support
– Simple RMA process
– Quality build and performance

And we like the panels that look great!! Here are some install images from this week using Clenergy all black railing.


QCELLS Panels Vs

There are other great panels in the market. The three leading manufacturers are QCELLS, SunPower and REC. 

SunPower make the best solar panel, their Maxeon panel has over 1000 patents and is untouchable… but the panels are double the price.

REC make a good panel, the Alpha looks great and performs exceptionally, but is it better than QCELLS? That’s a tough call and REC have recently gone through another ownership change, so for us we will monitor them from a far.

We like Jinko, Trina and Canadian solar in the mid range, but they are all a couple of steps behind the top three and there are no other panels that we currently choose to support.

QCELLS Batteries and Inverter

The QCELLS batteries and inverters offer a comprehensive energy storage solution for homes. They ensure reliable and long-lasting storage with the use of Samsung SDI battery cells. They have an industry leading 15 year warranty and include backup power and black start.

Here are three key features of QCELLS batteries and inverters:

1. Market-leading warranty! The Q.HOME CORE energy storage system comes with an impressive 15-year warranty.

2. Integration of Samsung SDI battery cells! QCELLS has partnered with Samsung SDI, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality battery cells.

3. Reliable and long-lasting energy storage! With their 3rd generation battery, homeowners can expect a reliable and long lasting solution for storing excess energy.

This is why this article is titled are QCELLS the best solar brand in 2023? 

Many manufacturers are now selling batteries, which is great but we want reliability and longevity!

A mistake that a lot of the major manufacturers make in our opinion is white labelling another companies battery!

Two of the previous mentioned companies have put their name on batteries at the bottom end of the market. They may provide better support than the original cheaper manufacturer but do they really believe in their product?

QCELLS head of research and development still resides in Germany and QCELLS have spent the time and money to develop their product range. They partnered with Samsung to secure supply of some of the best available battery cells and offer a 15 year warranty.

With QCELLS solar panels and batteries they offer a complete home solution and may well be the best solar brand in 2023!

Q.Home Core

There are other great batteries in the market that we also support. When looking for batteries we avoid a mis match between inverter and battery brands to avoid any blame games. This is true apart from Fronius and BYD who teamed up to develop the GEN24 inverter series and HV batteries.

Other great combinations are Fronius/BYD, Sungrow/Sungrow and Huawei/Huawei.
Stand alone batteries we support are Sonnen and Tesla.

QCELLS Australia

A few more points to cover!

It is worth mentioning that QCELLS have established a strong support network to handle warranty claims. Even for customers whose installers have gone out of business QCELLS will continue to support these customers.

They have an Australian head office located in Sydney and have on ground representatives in each state.

Oh and they have the best performing panels at Desert Knowledge Australia.

What is Desert Knowledge Australia?

Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) operating in Alice Springs boasts an impressive dataset spanning over 15 years of panel testing.

QCELLS panels were installed at the Desert Knowledge test site back in 2013 and continue to outperform newer panels. This long-standing reputation for excellence speaks volumes about their quality and durability.


Are QCELLS good?

We think QCELLS may be the best solar brand in 2023!

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