EV Charger Locations Perth and WA

Are you looking for EV Charger locations in Perth? Or planning a trip across WA and want to ensure you know where you can charge your electric vehicle along the way.

Use the following map to find all of the electric vehicle charging stations in Perth and WA.

Green are standard 32A AC EV Chargers
Orange are super charger DC EV Chargers

EV Charger Map Perth

RAC Electric Highway

The map also includes the locations of the RAC Electric Highway which was the first built electric highway in Australia.
The highway enables electric vehicle owners to charge their cars from Perth to Augusta and back with 16 locations including 12 fast EV charging locations.

The locations are open to all electric vehicle owners. Download the chargefox app and you are good to go.

Best Home EV Chargers

Are you still using your trickle EV charger that came with your electric vehicle? Its time to learn more about our fast and smart home EV Chargers.

We stock a range of smart EV chargers including Zappi, EO and ZJ Benny.
These EV Chargers allow you to charge up to 22kW at home as well as incorporating into your Solar panel and Solar home battery system to maximise your home efficiency.

Click on the image to learn more