The dream of electric vehicle ownership is becoming a reality for many people across Australia with EV sales tripling in 2021 compared with 2020. There are also predictions of up to 50% of new car sales to be electric by 2030.

What is the most efficient way to charge my electric vehicle?

  Most new electric cars come with a wall charger, these chargers are slow…. very slow with a max speed at around 2.4kW. You can install a fast EV Charger that can charge up to 22kW depending on the electric vehicle you own. These are the most common EV Chargers you will find on the market. In simple terms these EV Chargers use AC power from your house to provide power to the car which then converts it to DC power to be stored. What is better than a fast EV Charger? Well 30% of Perth house holds now have solar panels installed and more than one in three Positive Energy customers install a solar battery with their new solar system. So go one better and get a fast EV charger that is also able to utilise your solar panels and solar batteries.

Smart EV Chargers

  Smart EV Chargers have all the benefits of a fast EV Charger but they have in built settings that allow the user to set up the system to only charge when there is spare power available. In some situations this allows customers to only charge their electric vehicles with green energy. Positive Energy have considered all options available in the Smart EV Charger market and decided to provide the following products. Zappi EV Charger EO EV Charger ZJ-Beny Charger For an overview please check out our Smart EV Charger Page!
Is there a better option than Smart EV Chargers? Yes, public high speed DC to DC Chargers. These chargers bypass the cars onboard charger that converts AC power to DC power and have the ability to charge up to 350kW! These can charge 350km of range in just 10 minutes. See a map of Public EV Chargers here!  
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