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Solar and Battery Install | Chittering


We recently installed a Solar and Battery system in Chittering for our customer, Stuart. The 10.5kW of Canadian Solar panels are connected to a 3-phase 10kW Fronius Symo GEN24+ Hybrid inverter with 11kWh BYD battery. 

The 11kWh BYD battery comprises of four 2.76kWh battery modules. If Stuart’s energy needs increase, he can add more BYD battery modules to the stack for up to 22kWh of energy storage.

With nearby trees sometimes shading the house roof, it was decided to install the system on the shed instead. However, the Fronius Smart Meter needed to be installed on the Main Switchboard at the house to measure the total loads of the property. So, to allow the Fronius Smart Meter to communicate with the Fronius inverter in the shed, we installed wireless RS485 Transmitter / Receivers with high gain directional antennas. 

This solar installation in Chittering can produce an average of 41 units per day and provide Stuart with clean renewable energy day & night.

Solar and Battery Install CHITTERING

Size of Solar System10.5kW
Size of Battery11kWh
Battery BackupNo
Energy Output Per Year15,200 (kWh)
Estimated Savings Per Year$1,800 – $4,300
Price Range$22,800 – $28,000
12 Month savings update

Today we checked up on Stuart’s system to see how his solar and battery has been performing. Over the last 12 months, this system has delivered over $2,900 in savings! 



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