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Solar and Battery Upgrade | Port Kennedy

We recently upgraded & expanded this system in Port Kennedy for our customer, Michelle, who wanted to add a Battery with blackout protection. 

A standard 6.6kW system was already installed, but unfortunately the existing inverter was not a battery-ready Hybrid model. An easy option would have been to retrofit an ‘AC-Coupled’ battery such as the Tesla Powerwall. However, an ‘AC-Coupled’ battery cannot keep a 3-phase inverter operational during a grid-outage. The result would have been limited backup power from the battery only, with no solar power available to recharge the battery during a grid-outage. Not good enough.

So instead, we replaced the existing inverter with a new 8kW Fronius Symo GEN24+ hybrid inverter paired with a ‘DC-Coupled’ 11kWh BYD battery. In a blackout, backup power will be available from both the battery and solar panels to power essential circuits such as lights, fridge, TV and internet. 

With this new larger inverter, we were also able to install an extra 4.5kW of solar panels to the West-facing roof to maximise afternoon solar production. In total, Michelle now has an 11.1 kW system which can produce an average of 45 units per day. 


Solar and Battery upgrade - PORT KENNEDY

Size of Solar System11.1kW
(6.6kW + extra 4.5kW)
Size of Battery11kWh
Battery BackupYes
Energy Output Per Year16,400 kWh
Estimated Savings Per Year$2,500 – $5,100
Price Range$20,000 – $23,000
6 Month savings update

Today we checked in on Michelle to see how her solar and battery system has been performing. In just 6 months, this system has delivered $2,023 in savings!

As you can see below, even with very high power usage, there’s still enough solar & battery power available to achieve over 90% self-sufficiency most days.

With plans to buy an electric car in the future, Michelle is considering expanding the 11kWh BYD battery to a full 22kWh stack.


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Solar and Battery Upgrade | Secret Harbour

We recently expanded & upgraded an existing system in Secret Harbour with an extra 9kW of solar panels + new 10kW Sungrow Hybrid inverter + 12.8kWh Sungrow Battery.

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