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Who are Trina Solar?

Trina Solar founded in 1997 in the Jiangsu province China. They are now one of the largest solar panel manufacturers globally, coming in 2nd for total global shipments in 2021.

However Trina are more than just a high volume company they also focus heavily on research and development and have set or broken 24 world records for solar cell efficiency and module output power.

They employ over 17,000 people globally and were listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in 2020.

Furthermore in Australia Trina have a large presence with an Australian office and easy to contact staff. In 2021 Trina had the largest market share in Australia boasting 14% of all solar installs. They also lay claim to the largest solar farm in South Australia made up of 15,625 panels.

about Trina

About Trina Solar panels

Trina Solar Panels have become popular due to their reliable performance, long term cost savings, and responsive after sales and support.

Additionally, they feature durable construction and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. The panels also come with an impressive 15-25 year warranty.

Trina currently has two panels available on the market, the Vertex S and Vertex S+.

Trina Vertex S

The Vertex S features an innovative busbar technology, which allows for increased current and module efficiency. This technology results in fewer cell connections, making it more durable and reliable. It also has a pleasing appearance, making it a great choice for residential and commercial installations.

Trina Vertex S+

The Vertex S+ is an upgraded version that includes N-Type solar cells, 25 year product warranty, and dual glass design. The dual glass frame increases the strength of the panel and reduces the risk of water ingress. The Trina Vertex S+ is therefore a great option for those living by the ocean.


Trina Solar PErth

As mentioned previously Trina has the largest market share in Australia with 14% of all installations in 2021. They have also scored a 100% Bloomberg rating 6 years running, making them one of the most bankable solar companies.

They have offices across Australia with local after sales and support that work Australian hours. They have a reputation for honouring warranties, not just the physical panels but also covering the cost of labour.

Trina solar panels are one of our go to options for coastal installs and a major panel for large commercial projects.

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