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About Dom Sheed

Dom Sheed and Positive Energy

West Coast Eagles legend Dom Sheed recently made headlines not for his on-field achievements, but for his off-field decision to embrace renewable energy.

After a summer of heatwaves and power outages Dom needed to stay cool and think positive… So, he handballed it over to local Solar & Battery experts, Positive Energy, to come up with a solution.

The result? A brand-new 10kW solar panel system paired with a robust iStore inverter and 15kWh battery, complete with blackout protection.

Why did Dom install a Solar and Battery?

The previous home owners had installed a 5kW solar system that simply did not meet Dom’s energy needs. Then throughout the summer Perth experienced multiple power outages, and as Dom and his partner like to entertain on the weekend he needed a way to ensure his fridge and freezer stayed cool and his lights stayed on.

Without a battery, solar installation standards do not allow more than 133% oversizing. Hence why 6.6kW and 13.3kW systems are often sold with 5kW and 10kW inverters. So Dom needed to find a way to “Supersize” his solar system and provide power for his day time loads and charge a battery.

What Solar and Battery solution did Dom Sheed install?

Dom installed an iStore Solar + Battery with SunPower panels. The solution allows Dom to “supersize” his solar system which is particularly useful here in WA for single-phase homes with Western Power’s 5kW inverter capacity limit.

The iStore Hybrid inverter + Battery was the perfect solution. With 10kW of Sunpower solar panels on the 5kW Hybrid inverter the system can provide 5kW of power to the house and 5kW of power to charge the battery at the same time.

The impact of this upgrade has been nothing short of remarkable. Sheed’s energy bills are now comfortably covered by his solar and battery system, offering financial savings while reducing his carbon footprint. 

Beyond the financial benefits, the blackout protection provided by the battery ensures that Sheed is never left in the dark!


The final score – Grid Power: 1% / Self-Sufficiency: 99%

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Positive Energy Solutions are offering a $250 discount off any new solar and battery system. Make an enquiry and mention “Dom Sheed”*.

But that’s not all. Anyone that purchases an iStore inverter + 10kWh battery will go into the draw to win a BYD Dolphin Electric Vehicle.

The Winner will be announced in October 2024. For full Terms and conditions visit the iStore website. 

The first 10 customers to buy a 10+kWh iStore Battery win a signed football by Dom Sheed & Harley Reid. 

All iStore battery purchases until 30/09/2024 will be entered into a draw to win signed shirts, singlets, match day balls and more…

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