ZJ Beny EV Charger

The ZJ Beny EV Charger is the cost efficient smart home EV Charger.

Available for single and three phase properties.


ZJ Beny are an international leader in the supply of electrical components. It is very likely your solar panels have a ZJ Beny isolator switch installed already.

Like all of the EV Chargers Positive Energy recommend ZJ Beny is a smart EV Charger  allowing the customers to chose between fast charging, pure Solar power or a hybrid of both.

Therefore Positive Energy are excited to have the ZJ Beny EV Charger in our product line up having proved years of reliability on Australian roofs in some of the harshest conditions globally.

Smart Home EV Chargers!

The ZJ Beny EV Charger has 4 different modes of operation for both the single phase 7kW and three phase 22kW model. 

  • Full Speed – Allows your EV to be charged at maximum speed from the grid.
  • Pure Solar Charging – Varies the charging speed depending on how much spare solar power is available
  • Hybrid – Allows you to charge from the grid at a set pace
  • Dynamic load charging – Allows the user to vary the speed of charge depending on how much power is being used in the house, therefore protecting the main switch from over loading.

Control your ZJ Beny EV Charger with the Z-Box app!


Safety and More!

The ZJ EV Beny Charger has also taken design and safety into consideration.


  • IP65 patented design for outdoor and indoor use
  • RFID card option. This prevents unwated users charging for free.
  • Flexible charging speeds
  • Lightweight at only 7kg
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Emergency off/reset button
  • Internal over temperature sensors
  • Leakage detection button
  • Visual charging indicator

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