SENEC Battery

Storage System

When the sun is out, your solar panels will generate more than enough electricity to power your entire home.

 Senec Home gives you the ability to control when you use your solar power. The SENEC system is a large battery system, that automatically kicks in after sunset and allows you to achieve energy independence during the evening with its intelligent controller handling all of your energy requirements.

 The SENEC system is available in 4 different capacities to suit every application from a small apartment through to a full-sized family home or small business.

By simply adding a SENEC Solar Battery Storage System to your solar panels you can become up to 90% Power Self-Sufficient. Whether you already have an existing PV System or are yet to install one, a SENEC Solar Battery can enable you to use solar power 24 hours a day (including nights, cloudy days and even during a blackout). 

Once installed, a SENEC Home Solar Battery stores any excess solar energy you would otherwise be sending back to the grid. By using more of the energy you produce, you can reduce power bills by to up to 90%, and reduce your impact on the environment. SENEC is compatible with all systems, regardless of the manufacturer.

SENEC Solar Batteries are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.

By installing a SENEC Battery Solution at your home or business, you’ve chosen one of the best battery solutions on the market!

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