EO EV Charger

The EO EV Charger is one of the leading EV chargers available in Perth.

With both the EO Mini Pro and EO Genius 2.

EO EV Charger
The EO EV charger is one of the leading manufacturers from the UK. The products they produce are non complicated designed by people, made for the planet.

They have two products available in the Australian EV Charger market for both residential and commercial applications.

Both EV Chargers are compact and powerful as well as being sleek and stylish.

Let us introduce you to the EO Mini Pro and the EO Genius.

Compact Home EV Chargers!

The EO Mini Pro is the most compact home EV Charger. It is both fast and efficient.

-Connection Type: Universal Type 2 socket, Type 1 and Type 2 tethered cable (5m)
– Power ratings: Single phase up to 7.2kW, three phase up to 22kW
-Smart charging: Charge your car with with your solar panel system
-Integrated RFID reader and tags (Prevents unwanted use by other EV car owners)
-Dimensions: 215mm x 140mm x 100mm
-Safety: Built in power balancing to protect from blackouts

Compact Commercial EV Chargers!

The EO Genius is the a small and mighty commercial EV charging solutions suitable for small and medium sized businesses.

-All of the features from the EO Mini Pro
-Dynamic load management: Cloud or local based load management to safely distribute site power across the charging infrastructure
-Durable: IP54 and IP66 rated
-Extra Length: Tethered charging cables up to 10m
-Ready for Vehicle-to-grid (V2G)


EO Hub Smart Controller

The EO Hub smart controller is one of the most powerful load management systems available.

The EO hub allows users to connect an unlimited number of chargers and control the vehicle charge through the EO app and monitor energy usage using the EO cloud.


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