Positive Energy Smart EV Chargers

Best Home EV Chargers?


Are you looking for the best home EV charger or locations of where to charge your electric vehicle in Perth?

When purchasing an electric vehicle most cars will come with a charger that plugs into a standard power point and charges slowly at 1.8 to 2.4kW. Providing about 10kM of range for every hour on charge.

The low speed is impractical so new EV car owners normally install a fast EV charger. These are wired into the houses switchboard and can charge at rates up to 22kW. Providing about 40-130km range for every hour on charge.

Positive Energy are focused on improving home efficiency with Solar panels, Solar batteries and with Smart EV Chargers that marry them all together.

Smart EV Chargers have all the benefits of fast EV chargers but have the added bonus of being able to communicate with the existing solar and battery system.

The users then has the ability to only charge when there is spare power or fast charge when needed. The result is a huge improvement in home efficiency with the ability to charge your car without the need to use any power from the grid.

EV Home Charging

Positive Energy Smart EV Chargers

Zappi EV Charger

Zappi from MyEnergi is the first smart charger, made in the UK and our most popular option.

EO EV Charger

EO Mini and EO Genius from are the  most compact EV chargers.
Available for residential and commercial applications.

ZJ-Beny EV Charger

ZJ-Beny is the cost efficient smart EV Charger for single and three phase properties.

Supply and install from $3,290

Supply and install from $2,990

Supply and install from $2,490

Public EV Chargers

Public EV chargers work differently to home EV chargers and are normally a lot faster this is because they are able to charge from DC-DC where as home chargers are AC-DC and the power in converted by the car to store the charge.

Because of this DC-DC charging can bypass the cars onboard charger and get power directly into the car battery. Some public EV Chargers have the ability to charge up to 350kW adding 350km range in as little as 10 minutes.

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