Battery Backup – Perth Power Outages

Q: Why did the duck cause a blackout?

The duck we’re referring to is the graphical representation of electricity demand from the grid on days when solar power production is high. When plotted on a graph, hour by hour, the line forms a duck-like shape.

Essentially, this notorious “Duck Curve” shows the extreme changes in grid demand throughout the day caused by the rapid uptake of solar power over recent years.


  • As the sun rises, a noticeable dip in grid power demand can be seen. Smart homes & businesses with solar panels are generating their own electricity and require little, if any, power from the grid. In fact, many solar owners generate excess solar power and export it to the grid, further reducing the need for dirty-coal-power to be generated.
  • However, as the sun sets and solar power production drops off, the line takes a steep curve upwards as reliance on grid power returns. This can be a big headache for electricity grid operators.

On hot Summer afternoons, when everyone is cranking the air-conditioner, this sudden upward curve is even more significant. At these times, thanks to aging infrastructure and the inability of coal-fired generators to ramp-up quickly, the grid can become unstable and wide-spread power-outages can occur.

How to Keep Your Cool during the next Summer power-outage?

Don’t sweat itPositive Energy has the solution.

The best way to protect your home from a black-out is to combine solar power with battery storage. Not only can a battery provide backup power during a power-outage, but it will also deliver ongoing electricity bill savings by powering your home at night.

If you don’t already have a system, we recommend a quality battery-ready ‘hybrid’ inverter combined with a modular / scalable battery for future expandability.

Positive Energy offers the following inverter + battery packages:

Alternatively, if you already have solar panels, Positive Energy can easily retrofit an ‘AC-Coupled’ battery to store excess solar power from your existing system. The most popular retrofit battery solution being the TESLA Powerwall 2.

For more advice on our Solar & Battery packages, contact Positive Energy today for an obligation-free assessment & quote.

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