Fronius GEN24+ and BYD Battery Package

The market for Solar and batteries is alive and kicking and growing at a rapid pace. With that the technology and solutions have come a long way. In this article we will outline the Fronius Gen24 plus and the DC coupled BYD battery solution.

Before diving into the products though it is important to understand the difference between AC couple and DC coupled batteries.

In short, AC coupled solutions are fantastic retrofit options that allow you to add a battery to any existing solar system as a stand alone unit, examples being the Tesla Powerwall and Sonnen. DC coupled solutions require a Hybrid inverter that operates both your solar panels and your battery system.

The main points of differences are listed below.


  • Less efficient because of multiple DC-AC / AC-DC / DC-AC conversions
  • Battery is more expensive because of the built-in battery inverter
  • Good for retrofitting on to existing systems.



  • More efficient. Only 1 conversion
  • Battery is more affordable. No built-in battery inverter required
  • Can ‘Supersize’ the array because of simultaneous AC output & DC battery charging



Fronius Gen24 plus

Introductory Video

Fronius are a European company with their manufacturing facilities in Austria. They have existed for over 70 years and are the go-to brand for most Australians when installing Solar.

Their latest inverter the GEN24+ comes in both Single-Phase and Three-Phase models from 3kW up to 10kW and is a true Hybrid with full backup functionality when combined with a BYD battery.

Even without a battery the Fronius GEN24+ has an integrated basic backup power supply (PV Point) which is a power socket supplied with solar power in the event of a power outage. This allows loads to be supplied with up to 3 kW of solar power. The PV Point represents a low-cost backup power solution.

Thanks to Active Cooling, the Fronius GEN24+ offers longer service life and increased yield due to better performance.


BYD is the largest producer of battery cells in the world and produces more electric cars than any other competitor.

In partnership with BYD, Fronius have created a multi-award-winning solution proven to outperform the competition.

  • 1st place in the HTW Berlin Energy Storage Inspection Study
  • Winner of the German Design Award
  • Winner of the Intersolar Award
  • Winner of the Red Dot Design Award
  • Winner of the Plus X Award
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) which is currently the leading lithium chemistry, allowing a greater depth of discharge, less degradation over time, and higher safety
  • Modular battery structure allowing users to start from 8.3kWh of storage up to 66.3kWh
  • Full back up available on both Single and Three Phase, not just a backup circuit
  • One of the highest charge and discharge rates from 2.56kW to 9kW (See chart below)
  • Ability to oversize the panel array up to 15kW allowing more power to both the home and battery and preventing power being exported to the grid for limited value
  • All in one energy management and monitoring solution. Follow the link for our live demo account Positive Energy GEN24 BYD demo

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